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Welcome to the East of England Civic and Amenity Societies

The East of England Civic and Amenity Societies is an informal regional cluster of active civic and amenity groups. Its aim is to exchange experience among its members, and to organise meetings on topics of interest to them.


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October 2014 e-newsletter


Message from the Chairman

New chair

The EECAS committee is proposing that Peter Lee succeed Peter Landshoff as the regional chair. The meeting in Norwich will be invited to endorse this, or make other proposals.

Peter Lee was until recently chair of the Peterborough Civic Society, which strongly supported the launch of Civic Voice. He believes that there is a need for sharing of expertise and experience between civic societies in the region and that EECAS has an important role in facilitating this.

January 2015

Meeting on community assets

At Assembly House, Theatre Street, Norwich, NR2 1RQ on Saturday, 7 February 2015 10 am to 3 pm
Register now here
The meeting is free!

January 2015

Plain English Guide to the Planning System

The DCLG has published a Guide to help us!

January 2015

Heritage Lottery Fund

On 20 November I was at an HLF regional stakeholders meeting. We were told that in the 20 years since the Lottery was set up, the HLF has awarded more than £400 million in our region, to some 3500 projects. It was emphasised that the regional team is always ready to give advice: the first step is to fill in an enquiry form. To get one, register for a new user account.

A programme for which there has been low take-up in our region is Heritage Enterprise. The cost of repairing a neglected historic building is often so high that restoration simply isn't commercially viable. Heritage Enterprise makes such schemes possible by funding some of the repair costs with grants of £100,000 to £5 million.

There are a number of priority development areas in our region. See details here.

November 2014

Heritage Counts

Heritage Counts 2014 is the thirteenth annual survey of the state of the East of England's historic environment.

Further details of particular case studies are here.

November 2014

Civic Voice meetings in the region

Civic Voice has agreed to work with us to mount a series of meetings in the region. The first, at Peterborough on 1 November, had the theme Local Listing. The next will probably take place on Saturday 7 February and will consider community assets. Location to be advised.
Peter Landshoff (EECAS), Michael Meredith (Civic Voice), Mary Ash and Vicky Manthorpe (Norwich Society), Mike Bardell (Braintree and Bocking Civic Society), Peter Lee (Peterborough Society)
Photo: Andrew Murray (Hunstanton Civic Society)

November 2014

East of England Environmental Forum

On 8 October I attended a meeting of EEEF.
  1. Naomi Stevenson of Natural England talked about the wealth of information in the National Character Area Profiles. It is well worth looking at the one for your area.
  2. David Whiles of the Environment Agency talked about the River Basin Management Plans. There will be a consultation period of 6 months, along with another on flood risk. To make a submission, go here. We noted that agriculture poses problems for water supply, partly because of increasing yields and partly because demand tends to surge, depending on weather. Many farmers are digging their own reservoirs, because supermarkets demand security of supply before they grant contracts.
  3. I gave a report on the work of the Cam Catchment Partnership.
  4. Tom Day of the Herts Local Nature Partnership gave a report of work, funded by the Wildlife Trust, on creating habitat inventories and modelling the potential for improvements. They showed the results on maps, for example the connections between clusters of woodlands or of chalk grasslands.
  5. Emily Fenson of the Forestry Commission talked about tree health. Our region particularly suffers threats to ash and oak, imported from Denmark and Holland by nurseries. Elm yellows disease is widespread in northern France, but is yet to reach us.
  6. It was agreed that the meeting had been useful, with good attendance, and that EEEF should continue to meet annually. We were told that the Regional Biodiversity Forum is also doing well, with meetings three times a year, but the Regional Landscape Forum appears to have become purely virtual, with just email discussions.

October 2014

Historic Environment Forum

On 7 October I attended a meeting of the region's HEF.
  1. There was a presentation of some of the programmes of the Heritage Lottery Fund. In particular, the Heritage Enterprise Fund bridges the gap that prevents a historic building from having a beneficial use, and the Townscape Heritage Fund improves the environment in conservation areas. The wide-ranging Landscape Partnership Fund is designed to make a transformation to the landscape, heritage and communities.
  2. Because of tariff changes, there are now fewer planning applications for solar farms, but some are totally out of scale.
  3. A progress report on the Farrell review of architecture and the built environment has just been published.
  4. The National Trust will be host to a major conference in Cambridge next year of other trusts from around the world.

October 2014

Protecting Your Local Heritage

On Saturday 1 November 2014 we will gather in Peterborough for a one-day meeting on how to better protect listed buildings and other heritage, particularly establishing local lists. There will also be an opportunity to see something of the historic city and its catherdral.
Sign up for the event here.

October 2014

Power to Change Your Community

Power to Change is a new initiative which will invest up to £150 million to support the development of sustainable community-led enterprises across England. It will be delivered by an independent Trust to be established later this year.

More information

August 2014

Peter Landshoff: pvl at damtp.cam.ac.uk

Chairman, East of England Civic and Amenity Societies


Civic Voice now has 290 member societies, of which 29 are in our region:

  • Horndon on the Hill Society
  • Hunstanton Civic Society
  • Huntingdon & Godmanchester Society
  • Ipswich Society
  • King’s Lynn Civic Society
  • March Society
  • Milton Conservation Society
  • Norwich Society
  • Peterborough Civic Society
  • Radlett Society & Green Belt Association
  • Civic Society of St Ives
  • The Stowmarket Society
  • The Sudbury Society
  • Wisbech Society and Preservation Trust